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Pick Up the Slack, or Why Speed Matters for Customers

Customer Service Marketing Sales Startups
  Slack. The word conjures up relaxation, or even lethargy, slowness, torpor, lassitude. Far from it. Slack, the messaging product used daily by over 5 million people, is ...
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Atlassian’s Trello Acquisition and the Three Principles for SaaS Market Expansion

Acquisitions Business Marketing Sales Startups Strategy
SaaS companies that expand from selling to IT to selling to business teams (or, vice versa) rely on 3 principles, which I call The Three Principles of SaaS ...
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Your Corporate Strategy is a Prisoner of History (or, Why CEOs Should Listen to Their Inner Revolutionary)

I was once thrown out of our CEO’s office. That was the beginning of a journey of corporate reinvention that led to us selling our company for $400 million. Here’s the story of that ...
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20 Affordable Tools to Run Your Sales, Marketing and Service Stack for a total $1,000/mo

Customer Service Marketing Sales
Recently, VCs have been regularly opining with punditry on how your startup–never, their startup–needs to cut back. As a technology startup CEO, I want to share how we run our company’s sales, service, and ...
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Dropbox drops Mailbox. Or, How Foresight is 20-20.

Acquisitions Email
There’s a saying in mergers & acquisitions circles: companies are bought, not sold. This could not be more apparent in the case of much ballyhooed mobile email startup ...
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Customer Service in the Fast Lane—the Zip and Sip Strategy

Business Customer Service Customer Success Startups
One day we will drive cars that zip at 300 miles an hour and sip at 300 miles per gallon. And our Customer Organization will close 1000 cases and talk to 1000 customers. Can ...
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It’s an App, App, App, App World

Onboarding Sales
In the 1963 movie classic It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, a story sparks a madcap cross-country rush to find some treasure. In today's business world, where all employees, customers, and partners use a variety of software applications, sales teams could very well go on a dizzying ride to find the right tools to sell, support and market to their SaaS application users. Or, you can read this article. ...
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Thor’s Hammer for SaaS Sales

Customer Success Onboarding Sales
Successful SaaS salespeople have a secret weapon, just like Thor had his hammer. At my previous SaaS company that we sold for $400 million this one principle carried us ...
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Separation of Church (Web Site) and State (Email)

Business Email Reviews Startups
STOP using Gmail. I don’t mean, literally. But definitely stop using email addresses for your business. I mean, really. It’s like a grown man wearing shorts, you ...
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fastest Web Host Of All?

Every business needs a website fast website. If you’re like most small business website CEOs, you have outsourced the decision on how your website is hosted. “Ah, the ...
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